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Ann Arbor Youth Chorale

Southeast Michigan's Premier Children's Chorus for Over 30 Years

The Ann Arbor Youth Chorale’s mission is to transform young lives and enhance the cultural life of Southeast Michigan through music education, performance of quality choral music, and collaboration at the highest level of

artistic expression – all in a safe, inclusive environment.

At Times Such as These...


...we feel it’s important for us all to remember that the arts are more important to our culture now than ever.  They reflect current events and help us heal from them.  They provide much-needed humanity, beauty, and an escape from fear.  As Robert L. Lynch, President of Americans for the Arts, said, “The arts empower.  The arts give a voice to the voiceless.  The arts help transform American communities, and the result can be a better child, a better town, a better nation, and certainly a better world.”


​The Ann Arbor Youth Chorale stands committed to learning, listening, and growing as an organization and continuing to provide young singers with a safe, diverse, and caring environment. Together we can tear down the walls that separate us and build bridges of goodwill, love, and friendship.


“This will be our reply to violence:  to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”

Leonard Bernstein










The Ann Arbor Youth Chorale has some exciting news and a video to share with you.  We encourage everyone who sees this to post this amazing video and history of it on all social media platforms.  Endless Sky International release - EDEN project

The Ann Arbor Youth Chorale Concert Choir in last season 2021-2022 was invited to become involved in the EDEN project alongside the University of Michigan University Musical Society (UMS), mezzo soprano Joyce DiDonato, and the entire EDEN team.  This project's purpose was and is for Joyce DiDonato to use her voice and music to help audiences to be more aware of what impact we are all having on our climate, as well as to engage children all over the world in learning about and caring for our planet in distress.  Children and youth choirs have come together in workshops, ZOOM meetings, and in person, to perform with Joyce in concert.  In February 2022 AAYC Concert Choir performed "Seeds of Hope", the first EDEN anthem, in Ann Arbor, MI alongside Joyce and orchestra in the EDEN concert at Hill Auditorium.  Subsequently, Concert Choir traveled to Chicago, Illinois to once again perform in concert with Joyce.  The concerts and the climate workshops had a huge impact on our kids, and kids around the world.  Summer 2023 brought yet another invitation from the EDEN team for singers from all of the EDEN choirs around the globe to once again come together to create a new EDEN anthem.  Our singers met with the composer of the new EDEN anthem, Mike Roberts, along with Joyce DiDonato, via ZOOM.  All of the kids were given prompts by the composer to generate all of the texts and music of the new anthem.  In just a few months the composer, Joyce, and EDEN team, along with all the videos and audio the kids submitted, created the new composition you are about to see!  The international release was Thursday, November 2, 2023.  The piece is called "Endless Sky" and truly all of the words and the melodies used throughout all came from the kids involved in the project.  The EDEN team involved a true village of kids around the world and created this!  


AAYC Concert Choir singers involved in this video are:

Hannah Berberoglu, Cecile Piffaretti, Toula Greenwalt, Rebekka Port, and Lily Drummond. Congrats to them and to the entire EDEN team for this poignant and meaningful work!


Bonnie Kidd

Ann Arbor Youth Chorale Concert Choir Conductor

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