Kjirsten Blander


Kjirsten Blander first moved to Ann Arbor in 1995 and is glad to be home after five years away, first in Shanghai then in Las Vegas. She wears two professional hats: one as a copyeditor for post-graduate academic works primarily for non-native English speakers, the other as a consultant on historic structures, the built environment, and material culture. She holds both an MA and an MS.

Despite a life-long love of music and singing, Kjirsten says she couldn’t carry a note even if it was wrapped up in a blue box from Tiffany’s, but that doesn’t stop her though! Thankfully, her daughter Lea has both an excellent ear (which is very helpful for learning Mandarin) and great pitch. Lea sang with both Descant and Concert choirs in her four years with Ann Arbor Youth Chorale beginning in 2011.

Kjirsten served on the AAYC Board of Directors for three years prior to moving away, and she’s very glad to be back.