Lorin Burgess


Lorin Burgess has been a resident of Ann Arbor since 1990, receiving his Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan in 1995. Since then, he has worked as a psychotherapist and administrator at non-profit agencies. Growing up in Midland, Michigan, as the child of music teachers, Lorin played piano, guitar, trombone, and sang (soprano!) in the Midland Youth Honors Chorus. While attending the UM, Lorin played trombone for four years in the Michigan Marching Band, and was an early member of Amazin’ Blue, which is still a popular campus a cappella group. He still enjoys playing instruments in a variety of ensembles, and accompanying his daughters at their recitals.

Lorin’s daughter, Samantha, will be starting her second year in Descant Choir, and also plays cello. Her mother plays French horn, and her older sister, Amanda, plays violin and bassoon. The whole family was excited to add AAYC to their musical landscape. Having previously served on non-profit boards, Lorin is looking forward to contributing as a board member.