Sandra McDonald

Vice President

Sandra McDonald is new to the AAYC Board and new to Ann Arbor, having moved here in the fall of 2019. She grew up in Sioux City, Iowa, attended Northwestern University on a music scholarship (Oboe), and followed a meandering career path, first as a mathematics professor at the University of North Florida, then as Assistant Superintendent of Schools in St. Augustine, Florida (where she instituted the first annual county-wide choral music festival involving more than 1500 K-12 students). Most recently she went to seminary and became a Presbyterian minister in Georgia, finally retiring from Central Presbyterian Church in Atlanta at the end of 2018. Since arriving in Ann Arbor she has been active at First Presbyterian Church, singing in the Chancel Choir, ringing handbells, and helping out in the Music Ministry there. She also serves the Presbyterian Association of Musicians as a grant specialist, and hopes to offer her grant writing skills to the AAYC Board.

Sandra has three children and seven grandchildren all of whom grew up in Florida, but six of the seven grandchildren are out of college and scattered around the country, so for her it seemed to be a perfect time to move to Ann Arbor. Since being here she has fallen in love with this city! Music has always been a significant part of her life, and she believes that to give a child the gift of music opens their hearts and souls and minds in ways we can only begin to understand. It is truly a “forever” gift – and one that they can both keep, and simultaneously pass on to generations yet to come.