Tracy Cui

Vice President

Tracy Cui moved to Ann Arbor in 2000 to pursue her postdoctoral training in the University of Michigan in biomedical research. Since then, she has been working as a scientist on multiple research projects in U of M’s Medical School to understand mechanisms of disease in the search for a cure for diabetes, cancer and asthma. She has published numerous articles in scientific journals and supervises college students in her lab.

Tracy is an active runner who has been a board member and fundraising officer for her running group (AH Running Club) for three years. She has also helped with fundraising for AAPS and Ann Arbor Youth Chorale.

Tracy has two children, Oliver and Stephanie, who were born and raised in Ann Arbor. Both love music and have enjoyed their school music programs. Stephanie, in particular, fell in love with singing; she sang in AAYC’s Descant Choir for two years and is now a Concert Choir member. Tracy, who also sang in a children’s choir in middle school, is honored to have this opportunity to devote her time and efforts to AAYC as a board member. To her, music is a world language for peace and beauty.