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Our Mission

The Ann Arbor Youth Chorale’s mission is to transform young lives and enhance the cultural life of Southeast Michigan through music education, performance of quality choral music, and collaboration at the highest level of artistic expression – all in a safe, inclusive environment.

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“The lessons I learned at AAYC were immensely formative for me as a musician. I was held to high standards in regards to my musicianship, being prepared, being on time, and being a dependable member of a group.”

 – Former Concert Choir Member

Our Core Values
The Focus of Our Efforts
Core Values
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Personal and

Social Growth

Foster leadership, self-worth, a cooperative spirit, commitment and teamwork among young singers as they work together to achieve a common goal.


Musical Growth

Nurture a sense of pride and professionalism through disciplined study, practice and performance at the highest standard of excellence. Develop healthy vocal techniques while experiencing the joy of ensemble singing.

Diversity and Accessibility

Make membership accessible to children of all religious, racial, cultural, gender and economic backgrounds.



Lead throughout the community and regionally in pursuit of excellence in music education and choral music performance.

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