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Our Donors - 2021-2022

The Ann Arbor Youth Chorale is honored to recognize the individuals and institutions that generously support our choral ensembles. 
We sincerely thank the following individual donors who have contributed to the annual fund for the 2021-2022 Season.  Special appreciation goes to our multi-year donors whose gifts continue to inspire us and help ensure a strong foundation for our young singers. ​

Benefactor:  $2,000 + Level

Robert and Bonnie Kidd

Patron:  $1,000 + Level
Joe Labuta and Raymond Esper

Sponsor:  $500 + Level
Bruce and Megan Hammond
Richard Ingram and Susan Froelich - Given in Memory of Ruth Datz and Donald Williams
Miriam Meisler

Advocate:  $250 + Level
Marco and Melissa Bruzzano
Roy Burgess
Linda Carter
Jeff and Lisa Kapp
Mary McConville
Marilyn Meeker
Sara Peth
Steven Roach
Douglas Wang and Tracy Cui

Associate:  $100 + Level
Lynda Weston Berg
Kjirsten Blander
James and Ann Marie Borders
Sue Desmpsy and Gregory Czarnecki - In Memory of Ann Adele Downing
Amal and Gregory Dalack - In Honor of Lynda Berg
Aaron and Amy Drummond
John and Jackie Farah
Barbara Glines
Jim and Ellen Grosh
Laura Hayden
Carl and Charlene Herstein - In Honor of Diana Herstein, Alumna
Kathleen L Kapp - In Honor of Lorin Burgess
Sally Kennedy
Richard LeSueur
Sandy Talbott and Mark Lindley
David Liu and Brenda Wang
Anne and Ormond MacDougald
Margaret Guire
Elizabeth H McNally
Dady and Martha Mehta
James Miller and Rebecca Lehto (J.M. Miller Engineering)
Michael Morris and Julia Chu
Mary Pedley - In Honor of Bonnie Kidd
Jamie and Jamie Phillips
Winifred Pinet - In Honor of Shayla Powell
Nada Radakoyich - In Honor of Shayla Powell
Gregg and Shayla Powell
Cliff and Ingrid Sheldon
Bradley and Simone Taylor - In Honor of Marilyn Meeker
Nicole Thompson
David VanderMeer
Jane Wilkinson
Mark and Linda Williams
Lin Zhao and Honghao Zhang

Friend:  Up to $99
Larry and Margaret Abernathy - In Honor of Lily Drummond
Beth Andersen
Sarah Baird - In Honor of Bonnie Kidd
Michael and Carol Barnhart
Marolin Bellefleur
Joseph DeMarsh
Lisa Drummond - In Honor of Lily Drummond
Linda Etter
Heidi Kirk Garcia
Pam Guenzel - In Honor of Lynda Berg
Larry and Bonnie Hagerty
Deborah Heaney
Francis Hipes - In Honor of Lily Drummond
Lois J Jelneck
Stuart Johnson - In Honor of Lea Blander
Katie Jones and Diana Perpich
Randall and Diane Knibbs
Sandra Maconochie
Brenda Marean
Richard and Melissa Noble
Alice Ann Ralston - In Memory of Susan and Gary Burgess and In Honor of Lorin Burgess
Alisia Sanchez
Araceli Sanchez
Coby Sanchez
Neva and Ted Sanchez
Harry and Elaine Sargous
Bonnie Schafer
Albert and Susan Seese
Meg Kennedy Shaw
Frederick Smith - In Memory of Nancy Sharky - Music Educator
Hanna Song
Jacqueline Stearns - In Memory of John Lawrence Henkel
Gayle Stevens
Austin Terris
Laurie Willhite
Vincent and Kathleen York

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