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Donna Smith

Vice President

Donna’s was born into a musical family. Her grandmother played piano into her late 80’s. Her mother received her bachelor and master of music degrees from U of M with concentration in voice, organ, and piano and worked as a musician until she was 85. Donna’s mother was her first piano teacher, and her Dad was constantly playing recordings of violin concertos and symphonies.

As a child, Donna spent two months at Interlochen’s National Music Camp when she was six. There she studied piano and violin, played in an orchestra for the first time and attended live performances six nights a week! That experience, along with her strong musical roots, set her on a musical trajectory that she has never left.

After high school, Donna studied music at U of M and EMU. She became a tenured music educator in AAPS assigned primarily to instrumental music, but also spent some time in general and choral music positions.

Donna loves singing and, among many experiences, has served as the Choral Recording Director for Friends Theological Seminary in Kaimosi, Kenya; a Choir Member and Soloist at Vancouver United Church of Christ in Vancouver, WA; the Chancel Choir President at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit; and as a Second Soprano at First Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor.

Donna Smith
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