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Online Auction has these GORGEOUS quilts!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

AAYC's Online Auction is OPEN and off to a fantastic start! Browse and bid simply by clicking on the red Auction link.

We’re excited to offer these three gorgeous hand-made quilts because of their AAYC connection: they were begun by the mother of Ruth Datz (an AAYC founder in 1987 and a first choir director), an accomplished quilter from western Pennsylvania. She left three unfinished pieces to Ruth, who then had them completed locally. Each has a hand-sewn inscription of Ruth, her mother, and the Ann Arbor-area friends who recently finished the quilting. All three are reversible.

  • "Four Patch" is measures 52" x 85" (top left)

  • "Nine Patch" is soft blue and measures 90"x 100" (top right)

  • "Cathedral Window" is a colorful, intricate quilt measuring 73" x 98" (bottom photos)

One or more of these extraordinary quilts can grace your home. All proceeds go to support our amazing children’s choirs!

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